anti recipe: german mustard avocado endive salad

Sounds so weird, but it is SO good and good for you, especially in the winter. As the weather gets colder and we head deep into kapha season (wait, pause: ‘kapha’ is a term used in Ayurveda to describe a dosha characterized by winter, cold weather, slugishness, laziness and do-nothing-but-netflix-and-chill-ness.

2016-01-16 17.26.41.jpgThere are three doshas: kapha, pitta and vata. The idea is that everyone and everything is made up of a mixture of these doshas. When the doshas are balanced, we are healthy, energized and happy (you know that top o the world feeling). When the doshas get imbalanced, we get sick. Everyone has a dominant dosha, mine is kapha. So in winter/kapha season, it is easy for me to slip into an imbalance of kapha, which means: sluggishness, winter blues, difficulty waking up in the morning, feeling foggy, excess mucus (ew), and etc.)

Mustard is perfect for balancing kapha, because it’s pungent in taste and warming. So when I felt a little sluggish this AM, I whipped up this awesome salad to warm up my doshas and kick down that kapha spike. Check it out here:

Ingredients (serves one hungry person or two as an appetizer):

– 1 avocado

– 1/2 lemon

– 2 endives

– 1-2tbs. german mustard

– olive oil and salt/pepper to taste

Directions: Chop up the endive and avocado, add mustard and a little lemon/olive oil to start. Mix it around with a fork and make it as chunky or smooth as you want. Then top it off with salt and pepper and eat it right away!

Credits to my awesome mom/the OG of worst dinner guests for this awesome anti recipe!

2016-01-16 17.27.37.jpg

If you’re interested in learning more about Ayurveda, I recommend checking out this book by Michelle Fondin, The Wheel of Healing: An Easy Guide to an Ayurvedic Lifestyle. Fondin does a killer job of taking the best/least crazy lessons from an ancient healing system and applying them to eating, exercise, health, relationships, finance and spirituality.

If you want to be really freaked out but read one of the original books on Ayurveda, check out Vasant Lad’s Ayurveda: The Science of Self Healing: A Practical Guide for some really impractical Ayurvedic healing practices (like, uh, leaching and purging yourself). That said his book has full lists of kapha, pitta and vata healing/hurting foods that I reference frequently.

Let me know what you think! Now back to that Netflix binge…




got it from my momma: the wine sneak

When it comes to restaurants, the worst dinner guest doth not give a fig about missing out on dessert or h’orderves. But the one thing I refuse to give up at a restaurant: a glass of wine.

Since I’m intolerant to sulfites and steer clear of hard liquor and gluten free beer (for sugar / additive / processed / I’m a lightweight reasons), I stick with organic wine with no sulfites added. My go-to favorites are Frey Wine (the cab is fab but mad $$),  Live-A-Little Really Ravishing Red and Our Daily Red. (Okay, I like Frey when I visit home and it’s free).

I’m not a big drinker anymore, but a glass of wine with friends over dinner is one of my favorite things. However, I have never found a restaurant or bar that offers organic wine. This threatens my wine-at-dinner dreams, but my mom, the original WDG, is the queen of allergy innovations and tricks of the trade, most notably the wine sneak.

When she goes out to dinner, my mom always slips a canteen of organic wine in her bag. Usually when she explains that she’s allergic, restaurants let her slide under the radar and bring her an empty glass, no corking fee, nada. But every now and then you get one super stickler waiter who WILL NOT CAVE (liquor license laws or some crapola). This is when my mom gets creative:

A few months ago my parents visited me at college and treated me to dinner at Wildflowers at the Turning Stone. Everyone was so considerate about our allergies, the chef even came to our table to help us order, until my mom popped the wine question. The waiter sternly refused because violated Turning Stone’s liquor license.

When a new waiter walked by our table, my mom asked for two glasses of house wine. My mom and I snuck into the hotel bathroom with the sulfite wines and the infamous canteen. We flushed the sulfite wine down the toilet, topped our glasses off with a Frey Cab, and cheers-ed each other on a mission accomplished. Worst Dinner Guests 1, Turning Stone 0.

Moral of the story? I don’t think we should’ve been denied a glass of wine at the Turning Stone, but the worst dinner guest knows not to expect everyone to understand. Instead of bumming over something you can’t control, get crafty, bend rules that suck and don’t doubt your lifestyle just because it doesn’t fit the norm, or make it on a menu.