2016-01-09 11.22.07
Christie, the worst dinner guest and OG of basic blonde gluten avoiders.

When you haven’t been able to order off a menu in 10 years, you see food a little differently.

We follow recipes, level teaspoons, and set timers. We determine success from failure by how closely that cake came out to the one in the recipe book.

I have an autoimmune disease and several (…12) food allergies, so I haven’t baked a perfect cake or ordered the house special in a while. Going to restaurants is a fun treat for some, but for me it was socially stressful, risky and a sure-fire way to revealing my fatal flaw to everyone at the table.

I once saw this as a barrier to friends, work and doing something I love to do – cook and eat! But when I moved to New York, I decided I wouldn’t let a couple ingredients stop me from enjoying awesome anti-recipes and butchering menus so I can enjoy time with my friends.

Here you’ll find anti-recipes made with whole foods, funny recounts of dinner menus gone awry, inspiration from my kick ass mom (the original worst dinner guest) and experiments in ayurveda, yoga, meditation, conscious living.

P.S. Follow me on instagram! @worstdinnerguest_

– Christie


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