anti recipe: raw pickles (garlic free!)

I have an intolerance to garlic, which makes eating at Italian restaurants a fun challenge. Upon hearing this, new friends’ reactions are always – “How do you live?! Garlic is in everything!”

My response is usually, “I don’t know, man, I guess I just don’t eat garlic…”

I always find these inquiries into my allergy-lifestyle amusing. If I had a dollar for every person that has heard wind of my allergies and reacted with…

“I could never… I would die!”

“How do you live?”

“But, wait, WHAT doe you eat?”

…I would be a millionaire (actually I should start charging). The thing is I don’t see my allergies as a barrier to life or a raw deal or the short end of the stick.

When we’re born, the genetic lottery shoots a lot of qualities into us – both good and bad. I have a bunch of allergies that are linked to my autoimmune condition (and the worst dinner guest was born!), but I also got a boatload of other good things. It’s what makes me – me. And, it’s what led me to explore a lifestyle that allows me to feel better than I ever have with my thyroid condition – by eating whole foods (and usually plant-based), exploring yoga, and living mindfully.

So to answer – I’m garlic-free and still kickin’ and now not even pickle-free thanks to this recipe (inspired by @rawmazing):


– 6 Kirby cucumbers (this made two jars of pickle spears, so figure 3-4 will get you a solid jar’s worth)

– 1 Sweet onion

– 1-2 tbs. Mustard seeds

– 1-2 tbs. Peppcorns

– 1-2 tbs. Salt

– Apple cider vinegar

– Water

– 1-2 Jars for picklin’


Directions: Add 1 tbs. of each spice to each jar – slice the cucs in vertical “spear” slices (tip: put all the spears into the jar at once or the spears will go rogue all over the jar and you can’t fit as many in) – chop up the sweet onion and stick it around the jar crevices, fill about 1/3-1/2 of the jar with vinegar (depending on how sour you dig your picks), then top the jar off with water (to the tippy top of the jar) – let it sit overnight – viola! I give thee raw pickles! – The internet says these puppies will stay fresh in the fridge for weeks, but mine will get scarfed up long before then.20160109_193316-1

Optional: Obvi you can swap in garlic for the sweet onion. Rawmazing’s recipe called for agave nectar to make the pickles slightly sweeter (though I opted for a more savory/sour version). I made 2 jars – and added thyme and hot pepper to one. Basically, you can’t go wrong by getting crafty with spices or sweetness – remember these are anti-recipes and are made to be broken!

Tell me what you think!




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